Clubzap FAQ for all members

What is clubzap?

With the club approaching 1500 members and nearly 60 teams we had a requirement for a more efficient way of managing a modern day club of our size.   We reviewed several tools that were available in the marketplace that facilitated this.   After a review of all features and costs, Clubzap was found to give us an easiest way to control membership, news, notifications,  fixtures, results, lotto, merchandising, GDPR and web site management with more features to follow in further releases.

Read the FAQ, if you still have any questions, contact reception or PRO.

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Important contact information

Reception :

Registrar :


Reception Phone : 01 8499140


Registering for first time

Is there any cost to members for the app?
No.  Quite simply, there is no cost to members for the app or the use of its features.
Registering your name and age for the first time in the app
Enter your first name and second name. This helps to identify you to a mentor as a player or a parent. This can not be currently changed from the app.  If you have not entered your first and second name you may be refused entry to a chat group as mentor might not know who you are.
Under 18s are not allowed to chat on the app.  First time you enter a chat you will be asked for your date of birth, enter year, month and day as requested by the app.  This can not be changed afterwards from the app so make sure to enter your own DOB, not your childs if you’re a parent.
Email recepion/PRO to have your details changed if required.
I entered an incorrect name or Date of Birth in the app so cant join chat groups
The age verification is for child protection reasons to prevent interaction between minors and adults on the app and can only be reset with admin permission.   Email recepion/PRO and we can get it reset for you if you entered it incorrectly.  Once its reset, close and restart the app and you should be asked again for DOB next time you open a chat.
How do I pay my membership?
All club membership is to now be paid through clubzap,  in the app, tap “my club” option,  choose membership and select your membership option.  Contact club reception during business hours if any issues with this.   After doing the first time, each year,  you will get an auto renewal email with all details already populated making it far easier to renew.
I didnt get an email with a receipt after I paid my membership
Email receipts come from the address, if you didn’t receive the email within 5 minutes of paying, check your spam folder.  Contact reception or PRO if still haven’t received.   The emails are automatically sent once payment is complete
How can I see existing chat groups to join as a player/parent
Click the chat tab at the bottom of the app, a group you’re already a member of will be there by default, click green chat button to see other groups in the club. Only request to join a team or committee you’re a member or mentor of.
What types of groups are there?
1. Mentor group.  Open chat for mentors of a team.
2. Parent/player groups.  Should be admin only chat groups, for letting players/parents know of “Events” which are games.
3. Committee groups.   Members of that committee only request to join.   Open chat.
4. All subscribers are automatically added to a central broadcast chat group called “Donaghmore Ashbourne GAA Announcements” for sending messages to all members.

Notifications for Fixtures, Results and News

What is in the Notifications tab in the app
You will see notifications of Fixtures, results, lotto and News items here.
I got a notification on my phone of an update in a chat group but dont see it in the Notifications tab
Only notifications of Fixtures, results, lotto and News items appear in the Notifications tab,  chat group notifications only appear in chat groups.
Why am I getting a notification for all teams and news
All teams and sections of the club have notifications enabled by default.  Turn on only the ones you want in Notification settings.
Setting Notifications
All phones have varying levels of notifications  (banners sounds badges ).   One of the biggest complaints we have as a club is unnecessary whatsapp Notifications or repeated txt reminders coming in to phones and then important messages then getting missed.  Clubzap aims to put you in control of only those notifications you’re interested in.
In the top left corner of the app, tap 3 lines, tap notifications, select the club, then tap on teams in the club and only select the teams youre interested in.  All club teams fixtures, results, news items will still come to your phone but you only be notified of the ones you have selected.  All teams have notifications on by default.
What are Fixtures / Results?
A Fixture can only be created by a Head group admin for their team.   Everyone who subscribes to the app can see the fixture and anyone who has selected that team for notifications will be notified of the fixture with a popup reminder that day to remind them the fixture is on.   Expect more attendances at club games with this feature.
A Result is associated with a fixture after the game.  Win, Lose or Draw, club supporters are genuinely interested in these.  Mentors responsibility to update the result.
All mentors NOTE. The app has been integrated with our Facebook and Twitter accounts.    Although the option is there to post fixture or result to social media accounts when creating a fixture or result, do NOT pick this option.  With nearly 60 teams in the club, our social media accounts will be flooded.  The fixture and results are on the app anyway for anyone interested.
What is a News Item?
A News or a lotto item can only be created by a PRO via the online dashboard (separate from app)  and when posted will appear in the News section of the app.   These will contain club news or if a news item is related to a result of a match of a team, the app will automatically notify you for your team when its posted.   If you are a mentor and have any photos or match report, send it to your PRO to create the news item.  These automatically get posted to Social Media.

Administrating chat groups

What is an Event?
An Event is created only in a chat group by admins,  only members of that chat group can see it.    Chat group admins create Events for matches or training or any event you want a group to respond to,  all members of the group can respond to the event making it easy for a mentor to see who’s available.   Yes/No responses are by default or mentor can create an optional response, eg “Yes, but need a lift”.  This so far has been the most used feature by mentors for managing who’s available for a game
I'm a team admin and want to create an event for my team to see whos available for a match
In the app, in the chat group for your team, bottom left hand corner, tap the plus (+) sign.    As members respond with Yes or No you can view the responses.  Resend the event at any time to Non-respondees.   No more sending messages such as “Please respond if you haven’t already” as only those who havent responded will get it. 
What happens if someone requests to join a group they should not be in?
If you’re the admin, Reject the request with “members only” as reason.
I want to make someone else a chat admin in my group
If you’re already an admin in the group, tap 3 dots top right corner, tap group info, tap on the name and you get the option to make admin.
I want to make someone else a head group admin to create fixtures and results for my group
Email or club PRO.   Online admins only can grant this.
I want to add players/parents to my group
Go to the whatsapp groups and instruct them to request to join the group, links are on the front of our website If they’re already a subscriber in the app,  tap group info and + plus sign, search for their name or number and add.
I want to remove someone from my group
Top right corner, 3 dots, Tap group info, tap the name, remove.
How can I see who has read a message?
If you send a message to a group, a single blue tick will appear beside it if anyone has read it.   If you send a message to an admin, 2 blue ticks will appear beside a message when its read. It is currently not possible to see if any individual has read a message in a group.  A feature enhancement request is in for this.  For events you can see who has responded AND who has seen it.
Should I delete existing whatsapp groups?
It is the intention of the club to move all club communication to clubzap for data retention, GDPR, child safety and for team management reasons, none of which the club can control with other messaging tools like whatsapp.  There will be a transition phase while we move over so keep the groups active until all members have moved over.
I want to add a fixture or result for my team
You need to be a “head group admin”.  In the app, tap Matches.   Top right hand corner, tap the plus sign.  See FAQ for the difference between head group admin and chat group admin.  Fixtures are different then events, Fixtures can be seen by anyone who has the app, use this feature to publicize when your games are on to the wider public and then the result to let them know how you got on.    If you are a mentor and have any photos or match report from a match, send it to your PRO to create a news item, the news item can be easily associated with a result in the app.    These automatically get posted to Social Media.
Can I delete a Message, an Event, a group, a Fixture, a Result or a News item?
Messages can NOT be deleted from a single chat or a chat group.   If you entered a message in a chat group in error, indicate it as such.
Events can NOT be deleted from a chat group but can be edited.
For head group admins, Fixtures and Results can be edited but NOT deleted from the app.   They can be deleted from the online dashboards that Online admins have permissions on if you need. eMail club PRO for this.
News items can be edited from the online dashboard by code PROs but can only be deleted by online admins.
Someone requested to join my group, and Im not sure who they are
Several members have registered their name as a number or just a first name, The app does not currently allow someone to change their name once its registered.    While whatsapp groups allow you to change a name to more clearly identify it eg “John Murphy 2013 father of Pat” as its in your own phonebook,  Clubzap names are whatever name is registered by the member.  If the member has multiple children in the club this doesn’t suit.
Online admins are able to change a registered name.  Email reception or PRO to do this.   If not sure who they are reject the request to join a group with reason “contact club PRO to change registered name”
Can any other administrator see any messages in my chat group?
Not unless they’re a member of that group.  The club does have the ability to request an export of a chat group directly from clubzap but this would only be upon request and only by an admin from the executive if required.    Contact PRO for more information on this if required.
If there are multiple admins, which admin sees a private admin message in a chat group?
When a member of a chat group tries to private message an admin in a group, they get a list of admins to pick from if there are multiple
When someone joins a chat group do they see the history of the group?
No.  They only see chats from the point they join the group, no history. 

All members

I want to see all fixtures and results for a team
In the app, tap Matches on the bottom tab.  All fixtures and results are there.  To select a single team, from the Top left hand corner, tap the “Filter”, select your team.
I want to mark myself unavailable in a chat group
A player may be injured, you may be away or not available for whatever reason.   You’ll still get notifications if a chat comes into a group you’re a member of.      In the chat group, top right corner, tap the 3 dots.  Set yourself as unavailable for a period of time and the admin will be notified.   Or just “Snooze notifications” for a set period of time.
Can we send images/files/videos to the chat groups?
Not at present.   A lot of the issues with Whatsapp groups and inappropriate content issues etc are related to images/videos/documents being shared.   With text only based messages it keeps things cleaner. To support the case of sharing documents/files/images related to the club what we suggest is you put it on a Google Drive or a One drive and share a link to the file/document in the group. This also means the document can be updated on the drive (using version management) and the link will always point to the most uptodate file.
FYI: Did you know the club has a premium Microsoft One drive online folder for storing images and files?   Request access to this from the PRO email.   You can keep a history of your teams images from acorns to adult there in one folder.
Can I subscribe to another club or can someone subscribe to us
Anyone who has the app can subscribe to any club for news, lotto and team updates as long as that club are using clubzap as a management tool.  Tap 3 bars top left corner of app, “Switch clubs”, Tap (+) “Add another club”,  and see their news and teams results.   No one can see whats in chat groups unless they’ve been added to a group.  Note, once you subscribe to a club you’ll automatically get all news notifications for that club unless you turn them off from your “notification settings” in the app
I have a GPDR concern
Review the GPDR articles on clubzap website which should cover most GDPR questions.   Direct any further questions to reception or club PRO
I got a new phone, do I need to export the chat
No.  Clubzap works off a client.server model so you pull down all the chats every time you connect so you dont need to backup the chat history, you get all the data every time you connect whether on an old phone or a new phone.

Types of Administrators and users

Online administrator
A limited amount of personnel in the club for administering the clubs account with clubzap. 
Online Editor/PRO
A role assigned to PRO’s for creating News items on the online dashboard.   Limited to 1 PRO per code.
Head group admin
An admin of a chat group that has been granted privileges to create Fixtures and Results.   Can also create chat groups.  Usually a head mentor of a team, must be granted admin manually by an online admin.   Has “chat group admin” by default in a group.    This privilege must be requested directly from club PRO by email
Chat group admin
An admin of a chat group, can be granted admin directly from the group.  Does NOT have privileges to create groups, fixtures or results.   Each group can have multiple chat admins, usually mentors of that team.
Parent or player
Anyone who isn’t an admin from the groups above.  Anyone can download the app and subscribe to News, fixtures and results,  they don’t have to be a member of the club.   Should tap the chat tab, then the green chat button and request to join a team you’re associated with
Member Subscriber
Set notifications for news and a team you’re interested in to follow the clubs fortunes on and off the field.  Can choose to be notified of  news, lotto, camps and any of the 50+ teams in the club


'My Club' tab in the app
In the app, tap the “My Club” tab to pay membership.   Lotto, club shop, merchandising, camps are coming soon.
Any Issues using the phone app
The app can sometimes appear to hang or takes a while to send a chat.  This is a known bug which will be fixed in the next version of the app which is due shortly.   If it does hang, we have found closing and restarting the app seems to resolve. If you create an event with an additional option, a member cant chose that option unless they change from Yes/No.  Known issue, should be resolved in next version of app.   Admin chat notifications are sometimes wrong, you may add someone but you get a notification that says ‘you left’. A known bug. If you find any bug or problem with the app, or have a feature enhancement request you think would make the app better,  email reception/PRO and we’ll raise it directly with clubzap.