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Jump Programme

John Morrsion – Accentuate all the Positives

John Morrsion – Affirmation’s what you need

John Morrsion – Auditing your performance

John Morrsion – Be Aware of kid’s self-Image

John Morrsion – Children aren’t mini adults

John Morrsion – Climbing the ALPS to skill

John Morrsion – Underage coaching should be child’s play

John Morrsion – Positivity in everything you do

John Morrsion – Confidence before success

John Morrsion – Take five steps before you kick

John Morrsion – Embracing childlike belief

John Morrsion – Excellence not perfectionism

John Morrsion – Practising the four virtues

John Morrsion – Kicking to keep Possession

John Morrsion – Learning the three Cs

John Morrsion – Mastering the Movement

John Morrsion – One good turn deserves…..

Match Examples

Sean O Toole – Individual Decision Making Drills

Coaching How to Kick

Outdoor Training

Free Taking Log

Coaching with Children

The Kick

Components of coaching Gaelic Football


Coaching Videos for Nursery

Videos including FUNdamentals Games – Click here

Acorns basic hurling – Donaghmore Ashbourne Gaa –


Sports Webinar Exploring the Fundamentals of Hurling with Paudie Butler

If you have not heard Paudie Butler speak, this is a must watch/listen from the gaa learning Youtube page. click here: