Terms & Conditions for €50,000 Draw

€50,000 – Draw Terms and Conditions

 After all winning tickets from the Christmas Draw have been drawn from the drum they will be re-entered for the draw for the “Chance to win €50,000”

 1 ticket will be randomly drawn for the “Chance to win €50,000” from the drum. 

The purchaser’s name on the drawn ticket will be telephoned, if they are not in the Club at the time, to take part.

If the holder of the drawn ticket is not in the Club at the time and there is no phone number on the ticket another ticket will be drawn until a ticket with a phone number is drawn.

 The purchaser named on the ticket will be phoned using the phone number on the ticket. If there is no answer after 6 rings or voice mail cuts in a second attempt will be made for 6 rings or voice mail cuts in. If there is no live answer or voice mail cuts in on the first and second calls this ticket will then be eliminated and a further ticket will be drawn.

 The same process will take place again until we reach a ticket purchaser.

 Please note the purchaser of the ticket must be the person that takes part in the €50,000 draw.

 If the purchaser is not available their ticket will be eliminated and another ticket will be drawn.

 The purchaser must choose 2 separate numbers marked with the numbers 1 to 20 in 20 envelopes.

 To win the €50,000 the 2 correct numbers that are in the envelopes must be chosen to win.

 There is no prize for picking out 1 number.

 The prize if won will be paid within 3 months of the draw once the insurers are satisfied with the conduct of the draw.

 The draw will be videotaped.

 All decisions of the draw committee are final.